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Nel ten Wolde

Welcome to my website

Video and interview by Simon Palomares

                                                       Video and interview by Simon Palomaris.

   Since moving to Australia in 1986, I have lived and worked from my artist studio in Eltham, considered by many as the artist colony of Melbourne. Here, I am able to withdraw from the world, and focus on my creativity. I draw on inspiration from frequent travels that take me around the world, particularly my time spent as artist in residence. Throughout these journeys, I walk many miles across marked routes that span across entire countries, including Australia, Spain, Italy, Norway and France. It is during this quiet time of reflection, walking through the raw natural beauty of my surroundings, that I capture moments and delicate details with my camera lens. The pictures are carefully selected and then become incorporated into collages, filled in with fine drawing or paint work. 

        It is not just the beauty of the nature that inspires my work, but also the feeling it generates when I'm completely immersed in it. A lot of my original work was centred on Australia, as since the moment I arrived it ensued a feeling of home. Australia fascinates me, with its endless variety of landscapes, open space and topography. Both the arid and fertile climates produce endless palettes of colour to work with. Witnessing and capturing this beauty gives me a strong sense of connection to the land which I try to portray through my work.   





Most of my collections are tied to a theme or purpose that I feel passionate about at that particular moment.  This passion is then translated into my art. The most recent collection draws on the beauty of civilisations in Europe and Middle East, who's heritage is under threat from its careless destruction. You will notice the disjunction of buildings in my photos, which are carefully pieced together by my handwork. Hoping to encourage people to protect the magic of our worlds cultural heritage. 

For sales enquiries or contact please go to Contact.  You can find all information regarding the works by clicking on the buttons at the top of this page.

Nel ten Wolde, Melbourne, Australia.

Mobile: + 61 0424842204

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